Nina Charnotskaia

Nina Charnotskaia
Director – Workplace Strategy

Nina Charnotskaia is a Director in CBRE’s Workplace Strategy Group based in Chicago. She connects her experience in design, workplace strategy and change management to help organizations develop solutions aligning business goals and optimizing employee performance. Nina’s work and research focus on defining workplace experiences that enable employee engagement by making coming to work an easy and most effective choice for employees.

Nina has over 13 years of experience in developing design driven strategies. Throughout her professional career, she has worked with clients to define and implement their goals and translate them to appropriate design and organizational solutions. In her most recent work with Honeywell, Nike and Caterpillar, Nina has worked with real estate teams to define unique workplace solutions and translate them into comprehensive global guidelines that bring together workplace design, facility operations, IT and HR to create flexible and intuitive workplace experiences.

Nina is equally comfortable delving into spreadsheets full of data, engaging user groups and creating solutions with design teams. She works to understand workplace strategy through both a quantitative demand analysis and a qualitative culture and experience understanding, ensuring successful implementation of workplace

Nina has experience across the architecture and design industry, working with clients to develop and implement design solutions across a variety of architecture, campus and urban planning projects. She balances her design expertise with significant experience in engaging clients, users and community in defining opportunities for successful user experience.